Sexual Misconduct Case Studies

Each client, case, and school are different. | Below are examples of the work that we’ve done. We cannot promise that if you hire us we will be able to do the same for you, but we can promise that we will work as hard on your case as we did on the ones described here.

Case Studies

The honors student who was allowed to graduate

An honors student with a 4.0 GPA at a top ten university was accused of sexual assault. He hired a very well regarded, large national law firm to represent him in the disciplinary proceedings. He was found responsible, suspended, and told he wouldn’t be able to graduate with his class. The large firm reached out…


The mistake and the honorable accuser

A student athlete had been accused of sexual assault but hadn’t told his parents because he didn’t think he would be found responsible since he hadn’t done anything wrong. He was, unfortunately, found responsible at the hearing. We were hired to file an appeal. We dove into the facts and worked with our client on…


The 36 Hour Appeal

We represented a student who hadn’t told his parents he was accused of sexual assault, assuming that because he hadn’t done it, he wouldn’t be found responsible by his school. He was found responsible and expelled. His parents hired us 36 hours before his appeal was due. We quickly read the file and worked with…


The Uber receipt

We represented a student who had sex with a woman who later claimed that she was too drunk to consent. We demanded her text messages from the school and ultimately got them. With those text messages and an Uber receipt, we were able to show that immediately after they had sex, she was awake, coherent,…


The ex-girlfriend’s text messages

We represented a student who had been in a long-term relationship with a woman. He broke up with her. The next day, she filed a complaint against him with the school, alleging that he sexually assaulted her three times during their relationship. Our client was in the military, and she also filed a complaint against…


The complainant who pursued our client

We represented a student who had a girlfriend. Another student was attracted to him, though, and she hit on him at a party. Our client declined her advances. Two nights later, the same student came to his room, where he was drinking with friends. She drank with the friends, too, then hit on him again….


The school official with an axe to grind

Our client was found not responsible at a hearing at a public school. The complaining witness appealed. On appeal, a school official reversed the finding because he had an axe to grind with our client. We sued in federal court and, after months of litigation, the judge granted summary judgment in our favor – finding…


The case of the ignored text messages

Our client’s school had expelled him for having sex with a woman who had been drinking; his appeal was already over by the time he hired us. We investigated and found crucial text messages from our client’s roommates, who were in the room and sober when our client had sex. They demonstrated that the complaining…