With more than twenty-five years of experience defending clients in criminal cases in federal court, Tony Miles is a zealous advocate with a track record of getting results for clients. Tony understands the profound impact such cases have on clients’ lives and works hard to protect their futures. He has represented doctors, lawyers, professors, business owners, public officials, and college students in high stakes cases.


Prior to joining KaiserDillon PLLC, Tony served as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in the District of Columbia where he defended people accused of federal crimes, from white collar cases such as fraud, bribery, and embezzlement to charges involving child exploitation, controlled substances, immigration matters, and firearms. As an Assistant Federal Public Defender, he learned to find ways to help people in some of the hardest and most challenging cases.

Prior to serving as an Assistant Federal Public Defender, Tony worked as a staff attorney with the South Carolina Death Penalty Resource Center. In this position, he worked with a team of attorneys to assist individuals sentenced to death in the state of South Carolina. With the stakes as high as they can possibly be, Tony worked vigorously to protect the rights, futures, and lives of his clients. His efforts contributed to the release of a person who had been wrongly sentenced to death in the state of South Carolina.

The results Tony has won for his clients include:

  • More than a dozen acquittals at trial in federal criminal cases
  • Secured pretrial diversion three times in one year for his clients, keeping them from being convicted
  • Convinced the court to grant a motion to dismiss federal child exploitation charges
  • Persuaded prosecutors to decline seeking charges in a case involving allegations of mail and wire fraud
  • Convinced judges to suppress critical evidence in multiple federal drug trafficking cases

Tony has spoken about legal matters at training conferences and on college campuses. He communicates with attorneys throughout the country about new legal developments and best practices for assisting clients. Fellow criminal defense attorneys seek his input and guidance on how best to serve their clients.

Tony is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia, California (inactive), and South Carolina (inactive).


  • J.D., University of California, Berkeley
  • B.A., University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (cum laude)

Government Service

  • Assistant Federal Public Defender, Washington, D.C.