What Organizations Can Help When You Are Facing Campus Disciplinary Action?


FACE is the country’s best-known organization advocating for change in how schools handle sexual assault cases. It is a network of families who have been through the campus sexual misconduct process as well as friends of those families.

FACE is a frequent first stop for families who are going through the trauma of a campus sexual assault charge. If you’re looking for people to talk you through the process and tell you that you’re not crazy—that the process disciplinary process really is that insane—FACE is a wonderful resource run by wonderful people.

The FACE webpage is


FIRE is the nation’s pre-eminent organization working to protect the rights of students. It is active in a number of areas, including due process in campus disciplinary matters.

FIRE’s webpage is

Its guide to Due Process on Campus is downloadable from this page:


Hanna is a college counselor who has helped a number of students with disciplinary findings with college planning. Her e-mail address is


Mark is an attorney who helps people with security clearance issues. His web address is


KaiserDillon has been representing students accused of violating Title IX policies on University campuses since 2010.  We have represented scores of students at dozens of schools all over the country, from Maine to California and from Florida to Alaska. We’ve represented students when they’ve first been given a no-contact order, and we’ve represented them all the way through a victory in court. We were actually the first firm in the country to win one of these lawsuits in the post-2011 era, which we did against George Mason University in 2016.

Our lawyers have written on Title IX and the problems with how schools implement Title IX guidance in national publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and Time magazine. We’ve taught other lawyers how to do these cases and even given presentations to Title IX coordinators about how to set up a fair process at their schools.

Our lawyers have gone to the best law schools in the country. We have been handling these cases at schools and in court before most lawyers even knew this was a real practice area.

When you choose a lawyer, you want someone who understands that and will climb right in the foxhole with you. That’s what we do at KaiserDillon—we fight for you, and we fight with you.

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NOTE: Many people who face disciplinary charges on campus are unable to afford legal representation; we hear from such people every week. Because we are a small firm, our resources are limited, but we are committed to helping a limited number of families facing campus disciplinary actions on a pro bono basis every year.  For more information contact us at (202) 640-2850.